Jan 19th 2019 written by Susanne Schirl

World premiere of the Frauscher 1017 GT Air in Düsseldorf

Frauscher launches the second generation of the open 10 meter yacht. read more »

Aug 23rd 2018 written by Susanne Schirl

The Frauscher shipyard conquers the analog and digital game world!

#Frauscher #Siku #Ubisoft read more »

May 17th 2018 written by Susanne Schirl

Best website 2018

The Frauscher Shipyard got honored for the "best homepage 2018"! read more »

Feb 22nd 2018 written by Susanne Schirl

German Design Award 2018

We’re stoked to announce that the Frauscher 1414 Demon‬ is a German Design Award 2018‬ winner! read more »

Jan 18th 2018 written by Susanne Schirl

Frauscher Shipyard celebrates most successful business year in the company´s history

The exclusive Frauscher Shipyard concludes the business year 2016/2017 with a significant increase in revenue, even exceeding the positive developments of recent years. At the world’s largest water sports exhibition “boot” the family owned company from Austria will have three luxurious motor yachts on display – including the most recent yacht, the award-winning Frauscher 858 Fantom Air. read more »

Oct 03rd 2017 written by Susanne Schirl

858 Fantom Air

Ohlsdorf, 3rd October ´17:
Frauscher presents classic design as luxurious Air variant read more »

Jun 12th 2017 written by Susanne Schirl

Marketing State Award 2017 – an honourable award

Marketing State Award 2017 awarded to Frauscher Shipyard read more »

Mar 28th 2017 written by Susanne Schirl

1927-2017 :: 90 years :: history writes future

The exclusive Frauscher shipyard has evolved from a traditional handicraft company to an internationally active business enterprise. The premium brand from the sports boat industry has completed this transformation process over the last few years and the fusion of tradition and innovation has been declared to be its guiding principle: "History writes Future". read more »

Jan 23rd 2017 written by Susanne Schirl

Great beauty with retro chic - Frauscher 1017 Lido Edition Thomas Rath

As the candid sister of the multi-award-winning Frauscher 1017 GT, the 1017 Lido has been astounding keen boat owners for almost five years. And now the Frauscher 1017 Lido Edition Thomas Rath has come onto the market. read more »

Nov 23rd 2016 written by Susanne Schirl

Best of Boats Award 2016 - WINNER in the category "Best for FUN"

The Frauscher 1414 Demon convinced the "Best of Boats Award" jury members with arguments like design, family friendliness and fun in the category "Best for fun". read more »

Jun 03rd 2016 written by Susanne Schirl

Austrian Pegasus award 2016

The Frauscher shipyard won the GOLD award! read more »

Feb 23rd 2015 written by Susanne Schirl

747 Mirage Air

Ohlsdorf, 23rd February ´15:
Derived from the closed bow 747 Mirage the new model is not only the most beautiful center console boat in the market with breathtaking style and and design but also delights customers with lots of space, perfect fit and finish and a very flexible layout which changes from a sunny island to a shaded seating area in seconds. read more »

Dec 15th 2014 written by Susanne Schirl

Nautic Design Award - 747 Mirage

Frauscher Shipyard is pleased about the “Nautic Design Award” 2014 and the “Sports & Style” special award for the runabout “Frauscher 747 Mirage” at Nautic Expo in Paris. read more »

Oct 14th 2014 written by Susanne Schirl

747 Mirage - 4 nominations

Ohlsdorf, October 14th 2014:
The Frauscher 747 Mirage is taking the boating world by storm! We got nominated for 4 different awards now!!! read more »

Jan 08th 2014 written by Susanne Schirl

1017 GT

Steyrermühl, 8th January 2014:
And the winner is ... the Frauscher 1017 GT won the 2014 Motorboat of the Year Award in London! read more »

Jul 23rd 2013 written by Susanne Schirl


Steyrermühl, 10th July 2013:
Don ́t wonder yourself too much when you see a Fata Morgana on your local boating destination of choice - it ́s neither a ghost nor a product of your imagination ... read more »