Army of Thieves _ 858 Fantom

858 Fantom meets Matthias Schweighöfer & Netflix

3. November 2021

The new Netflix production ‘Army of Thieves’ from Hollywood producer Zack Snyder and director Matthias Schweighöfer features the 858 Fantom. What’s it about? Sebastian, a small-town bank teller, is recruited to crack Europe’s most formidable safes alongside Interpol’s most wanted criminals.

Powerful, dynamic, magical – the 858 Fantom
During the film, Sebastian uses the 858 Fantom from Frauscher shipyard to make a quick getaway. The 858 Fantom moves quickly and powerfully over the water, providing some magical moments in the film. Filming took place in Hallstatt, Austria in December 2020.

The movie is available on Netflix from 29 October 2021.
High-quality entertainment guaranteed, complete with technology and no shortage of excitement.

Credits: Army of Thieves / Netflix 2021