8. January 2024

Netflix loves Frauscher: get ready for “LIFT” – an upcoming feature film featuring the bees-knees of the actors’ podium, and our 747 Mirage Air. Watch Kevin Hart, Jean Reno and Jacob Batalon cruising around Venice and Trieste on a Frauscher boat.

It is May 2022 in the Venice laguna and a team of star actors is getting familiar with driving one of our Frauscher 740 Mirage Airs before an unprecedented crowd of fans and curious watchers. All is ready to shoot the next Netflix show: LIFT – a thriller which will air on 12th January 2024. “This looks like a boat for secret agents, that’s why it fits our script”, this is what the directors told Christian Orban, Frauscher’s Sales Manager, during one of the various shooting sessions in Italy.

As unexpected and flattering as the Frauscher participation was, being part of a Netflix series production has been a money-can’t-buy experience for the whole Frauscher team – and perhaps especially for our sales manager Christian, who has won the chance to be part of the cast – impersonating a mercenary escaping his enemies on a Mirage Air. We have had Christian in conversation telling us how it felt to be part of this incredible project – and here is the result.

How does it feel to be thrown into the middle of a Netflix original production?

LIFT is a comedy action thriller whose synopsis includes the prevention of a terrorist attack. The whole production happened in 2022. The first shooting went on from May 9th to May 15th and took place in Venice. The second took place in Trieste from the 23rd to the 27th of May. The movie stars were big actors – let me mention Kevin Hart, Jean Reno, and Jacob Batalon. So, it all felt very unreal. It was a hilarious experience. On a May summer day in Trieste, I was asked to put on a shirt, a thick jacket, long trousers and military boots and it was about 35 degrees Celsius – so this was a fun challenge to live up to.

I am an experienced boat driver, so the crew trusted me when it came to driving at maxi- mum speed along the canals. I was the first to try out what was possible and what wasn’t. On cast, I could appreciate more the job of an actor, as the shooting speed was demanding – we had to make sure we could change scenes fast and be careful not to have too many tourists around, which is a challenge in a place like Venice!

Most of the time the video makers were stressed because everything needed to be done on time. However, the actors were relaxed, especially Kevin Hart. He was dancing, making jokes and some- times singing. We were shooting under very fierce temperature conditions – it was very hot – and so he was trying to make people feel at ease and cool them down!

Why use the 740 Mirage Air?

To be precise, LIFT stars two different models of the Frauscher Mirage Air boat series – the 747 Mirage Air, a motor boat, and the 740 Mirage Air, an electric boat. The reason why the directors decided that the Mirage Air models would fit the film’s purposes was mainly down to their alluring shapes and the performance range of the petrol model. The 747 Mirage Air is a very beautiful center console boat allowing lots of onboard space. The design of the hull delivers extreme driving capabilities and high cornering speeds. That is why for long-driving scenes, this model has been the movie crew’s beloved one. To assist in mostly short-driving scenes, Frauscher put a 740 Mirage Air at their disposal as well.

Why is “release day” an event to look forward to?

The LIFT cast features a skilled ensemble of actors, and we anticipate that the plot will be exceptionally exciting. At the Frauscher shipyard, we are eagerly waiting for the show’s debut on Netflix. We take great pride in having been selected, and we sincerely hope that you will all find the result enjoyable too. As the release date approaches, keep an eye out for our Frauscher boats gracing the screen.

Watch LIFT on Netflix and let us know how effortlessly stylish our boats appear in the film!