29. May 2024

Ohlsdorf, 29th May 2024 – To meet the increasing demand for premium yachts, the Frauscher shipyard is expanding its production area in Ohlsdorf. With an investment of 4 million euros, the company is sending a clear signal for the future and its commitment to top quality and innovation.

More production space means more room for innovation. To meet high demand for the eFantom (developed in collaboration with the sports car manufacturer Porsche) and other models, Frauscher is expanding its production space by 855 m2. Following the completion of the new production hall by PLANARIUM GmbH, the total production area is now around 4,100 m².

CEO Michael Frauscher: “As well as focusing on the very best design and technology, one of our key objectives is short waiting times. That is why we are making this investment of roughly 4 million euros.”

The Frauscher shipyard was established in 1927. Today’s production facility in Ohlsdorf, Upper Austria, was constructed in 2012 and is one of Europe’s most modern shipyards. It combines shipbuilding, sales, marketing and controlling at a single location. Every step, every decision — all under a single roof. In 2016, the first expansion was already underway: a state-of-the-art paint cabin. Here, paintwork expert Roland Gruber and his team add the finishing touches to all Frauscher electric and motor boats – in the customer’s desired colour and with no fewer than eleven coats. A new sprinkler system for the entire facility and photovoltaic panels on the new roof areas are evidence of the commitment to safety and sustainability.

Attractive jobs with great prospects

The centralised structure at Frauscher offers the team the ideal working environment. By expanding the production facilities, it will create lots of attractive jobs in the years to come. The Frauscher shipyard employs shipbuilders, electrical engineers, painters, carpenters and mechanics at its site in Ohlsdorf. Over the years, the number of employees has risen from 30 to 80.

The Frauscher shipyard offers specialist training to ensure a supply of skilled staff, with about seven talented apprentices currently engaged in boat building and electrical engineering. After all, having a sufficiently highly trained staff is the only way to ensure the Frauscher design classics and stunning new innovations can continue to be manufactured 100 percent in Austria.