650 Alassio

Frauscher 650 Alassio – the feeling of a new generation.

1. July 2021

Eleven years ago, the Frauscher 650 Alassio celebrated its premiere. Today, the Austrian shipyard is launching the second generation of Europe’s most successful premium electric yacht. Pre-orders are possible as of now.

650 Alassio Detailshot

The new Frauscher 650 Alassio defends its position at the top of the market with a multitude of updates. Highlights in design, user-friendliness, and workmanship continue to set themodel apart from the crowd. Michael Frauscher, Managing Director and responsible for the development and production of the new edition explains: “After 250 units produced, it wastime to take the 650 Alassio to a new level – to give it a more valuable look and more intense feel.”