TimeSquare 20 Familie auf buntem Hintergrund

TimeSquare 20 – Freedom newly E-VOLVED

26. May 2021

TimeSquare 20 – that’s what Frauscher shipyard calls its new electric boat. Another milestone in their long history of innovation.

The TimeSquare 20 – a twin-hulled electric boat- fascinates with innovation and striking design. Whether cruising or at anchor, the TimeSquare 20 lies very calmly in the water and offers an extremely generous seating and sunbathing area- perfect for a day on the lake.

Quiet and powerful
Two electric outboard motors provide efficient propulsion. They turn mooring into child’s play and operate as quietly as a whisper, even at high speeds. Thanks to its innovative hull design, the TimeSquare 20 achieves a top speed and range almost similar to the Frauscher 740 Mirage Air – with significantly less energy expenditure.

Another advantage: the large, accessible area on deck – a square where you can spend a lot of time. By the way, the number 20 stands for the effective area. TimeSquare 20 owners have 20 square meters of space at their personal disposal.